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Thinking Disabilities

There are a myriad of wonderful websites that provide very useful information on disabilities in Ireland. Thinking Disabilities strives to be a one stop location for advice and information that could be helpful to people with a disability or their carers. The advice covers many categories including:

  • Education (these should be linked to their category by clicking on them)
  • Finance & Tax
  • Sport & Entertainment
  • Resources & Equipment
  • Travel & Mobility
  • Entitlements (Financial)
  • Caring
  • Therapy & Services

We also provide pointers and advice on how you might complete documents such as:

  • Domiciliary Care Allowance
  • School Leavers Funds
  • Wills
  • VAT Repayment form
  • Med 2 form

The site is “live” so we aim to have the information as up to date as possible.

Please contact us on if:

  • You offer a service that you would like included on the site
  • You are aware of useful information that is missing. Remember information is a huge weapon / tool in ensuring that your child or adult receives everything that they are entitled to, so if you know something helpful, please share it.

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Remember Information helps us all obtain what we are entitled to.

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