Housing Assistance

Disabled Living Foundation UK:

DLF is a national charity providing impartial advice, information and training on independent living since 1969. Since 2014 we have been part of The Shaw Trust Disabled Living Foundation

National Association of Housing for Visually Impaired

NAHVI provides supportive inclusive accommodation where disability does not create a barrier to the fulfilment of aspiration or ambition, where learning and care combine to meet each resident’s unique needs. National Association of Housing for Visually Impaired

Ability West:

Ability West’s mission is to empower people with disabilities to live self-directed lives in an equal and inclusive society. Each person supported and valued within an environment which promotes their overall autonomy, health and wellbeing and enables them to reach their potential. We provide services to children and adults with

NUA Healthcare

Nua Healthcare is one of Ireland’s leading Care Providers. We provide Residential, Supported Living, Day and Community Outreach Services to both Children and Adults with a range of complex support requirements. At Nua Healthcare, we are proud to offer high standards of service and care.  Renowned for offering some of

The National Housing Strategy for People with a Disability

The Housing Agency is actively involved in the implementation of The National Housing Strategy for People with a Disability 2011-2016 (NHSPWD) as extended to 2020 under Rebuilding Ireland. The NHSPWD is a framework for delivering housing to people with disabilities through mainstream housing sources. The vision of the Strategy is

Rent Supplement and Changes to your Circumstances

If your circumstances change while you are getting Rent Supplement you may have your payment increased or reduced or you may no longer be eligible for it. The amount of Rent Supplement you get depends on various factors – including your income, savings, earnings, household composition and the current local rent limits.

Housing Assistance Payment

The Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) is a form of social housing support for people who have a long-term housing need. HAP will eventually replace long-term Rent Supplement. HAP is available in all local authority areas throughout the State. Under the HAP scheme you can take up full-time employment and keep your

Mortgage Interest Supplement

Mortgage Interest Supplement (MIS) provides short-term support to help you pay your mortgage interest repayments. Since 1 January 2014, the Mortgage Interest Supplement scheme has been closed to new entrants and no new applications have been accepted since this date. This did not affect people who were getting Mortgage Interest Supplement before

Irish Council for Social Housing:

https://www.icsh.ie/ The Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) is the national social housing federation representing over 270 housing associations across Ireland. This website aims to provide information on the role of the ICSH in developing housing policy, the services we offer to our members, an overview of social housing provision