Ability West’s mission is to empower people with disabilities to live self-directed lives in an equal and inclusive society. Each person supported and valued within an environment which promotes their overall autonomy, health and wellbeing and enables them to reach their potential.

We provide services to children and adults with intellectual disability whose primary diagnosis is intellectual disability and may also include co-morbidity.

Ability West is funded in the main by the Health Service Executive with a Service Arrangement in place which details an agreed quantum of service provision. Ability West also receives some funding from the Department of Education and Skills.

Ability West is dedicated to enabling people we support to realise their goals and ambitions. Ability West will deliver on this vision by:


Placing the fundamental rights of the people we support at the centre of our activities and promoting those rights

Empowering each person we support to live self-directed lives and to play a meaningful role in all aspects of community life

Listening and then developing a variety of options that can be used flexibly to meet their identified needs

Developing the skills and dedication of our staff in a supportive and motivating environment

Working in active partnership with the people we support, families, staff, our voluntary supporters and the broader community

Campaigning at local, regional and national level to resource and realise our vision to achieve these aims

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