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The Inclusion Club

The Inclusion Club: Sharing models of good inclusive practice in sport and recreation for people with disability The Inclusion Club

Irish Wheelchair Rugby

The IRFU has a memorandum of understanding with IWA that outlines a partnership and areas of cooperation between organisations;  specifically, this relates to promotion and marketing, providing opportunities for training and development for volunteers, and reviewing activities on a regular basis for both parties. The Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) and

Mixed Ability Rugby

It is just another rugby team! It is not a disability team, players are not classified by physical, intellectual, or mental disabilities or barriers. It is a team open to anyone who wants to play regular full contact rugby. What is mixed ability rugby? General rules: 15 aside Mixture of

Disability Tag Rugby

Disability tag rugby is a fast and exciting non-contact sport that encourages the positive development of running, balance and handling skills. It is also an enjoyable way to keep healthy and fit. Disability tag rugby can be played by men, women and children of all ages and abilities. The sport

‘Tippy Tappy’ Wheelchair Hurling’s best thing I’ve Done: You really have to see it to believe it. There is no pulling back just because someone is in a wheelchair. I remember one lad got taken to hospital for concussion because he got bashed against a wall. Another went through a fire escape because of the pace he

Donaghadee Sets up Ireland’s First Disabled Friendly Golf Hub: By John Haughey Trevor Hillen’s pride is palpable on this gloriously sunny autumn morning at his beloved Donaghadee Golf Club. He looks across a crowded putting green as Ireland’s World One-Arm Golf Champion Cian Arthurs is giving putting lessons to children from nearby Killard House Special School. One doesn’t

ENJOY TENNIS: ENJOY TENNIS is the Tennis Ireland programme for players with a disability to learn and enjoy playing tennis in clubs around Ireland. Enjoy Tennis is a project developed by Tennis Ireland in conjunction with service providers, including Stewarts Care, Carmona Services, St Michael’s House, Cheeverstown, Festine Lente, Sunbeam and Lakers. The 

IWA Accessible Gym: The IWA gym offers everyone an opportunity to enjoy a fitness workout in a fully accessible and inclusive environment. The Gym has a diverse membership base with membership open to IWA members, the general public, students & older adults (65+). We also accept referrals through the HSE GP Referral programme,

Fermanagh Programme to help Young People with Disabilities get Involved in Sports: A pilot sports programme in the Fermanagh and Omagh district is encouraging young people with disabilities to get involved in sports – and to just have a ‘wheelie’ good time. The ‘ Wheelie Active Club ‘ aims to give a platform to children who have disabling illnesses and their siblings to try a

Association of Irish Powerchair Football: The underlying values of Powerchair Football are to encourage people with disabilities to get involved in a sport that they have an interest in. This action-packed team sport combines the skill of the wheelchair user with the speed and power of the chair itself, to participate in an extremely