The Open Learning Centre Cavan Institute:

Hello and welcome to the Open Learning Centre (OLC). The Open Learning Centre is the Special Educational Needs/Disability Support Service  in Cavan Institute. You will find us on the Ground floor in Block B, Room B004. Email


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We are committed to providing the best possible learning environment in relation to students with special educational needs/disabilities and make provision wherever possible to facilitate access and participation in the academic courses and student life of the Institute.  The objectives of Cavan Institute with regard to special educational needs/disabilities are to ensure that students:


  •  feel they are part of the Institute

  •  develop self-esteem and confidence

  •  enhance personal and interpersonal skills

  •  reach their own potential at their own pace

  •  are able to progress in further education/higher education and/or employment.


Who can register with the Open Learning Centre?

Registration with the OLC is a separate process to registering as a student with Cavan Institute. Students with evidence of a disability, ongoing physical or mental health condition, or a specific learning difficulty can register with the OLC. You can register with the OLC at any point during your studies; however, we recommended that you register as soon as possible after accepting your place on a course or once you have started your course. It can take time to arrange and implement any support you may require so we would encourage you to contact us in good time so that we can ensure you have everything in place at the earliest possible opportunity.


Why register with the OLC?

Registration with the OLC allows you to avail of supports and reasonable accommodations. The most common type of reasonable accommodations and supports which students avail of are Exam accommodations and subject support.


Supports and accommodations are approved on the basis of:

  • the nature and impact of your disability, health condition, or learning difficulty

  • the requirements of your  course

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