NCBI Types of Assistive Technology:

If you have little or no vision, you may find it difficult or impossible to do things that so many people now take for granted. These include using the internet, booking flights, reading printed items such as books, magazines, newspapers or even mail that comes through the door. Technology can

Fighting Blindness Technology Exchange Club:

The Exchange Club is an informal gathering of people living with varying degrees of sight loss who wish to improve their daily lives through assistive technology. Members share their experience of how they found solutions to problems accessing technology, and ask for support with any technological difficulties that may arise.

Online safety

The internet and our computers, smartphones and other devices are crucial to our way of life. Although the internet has many benefits, it also has some risks. Online safety is essential for both children and adults. This document explains some of the risks and dangers online, and how you can

How to Avoid Scams

A scam is an illegal or dishonest scheme that involves theft or fraud. Scams target people of all ages and backgrounds. They can come in many forms including an email, a letter, a website or a phone call. Whatever the method, a scam is about tricking you into parting with

Special Education—70 Educational Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Everyone needs to be educated properly to find their way in this big world. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to be born completely healthy. There are people with special needs who want to be—and deserve to be—equal to everyone else. Even though the special education process (also referred to

How do I Set up Subtitles on my Horizon Box? Whether you want to watch something without sound, are in a room where the speakers will be drowned out, or just a little behind on your French, turning the subtitles on is facile. 1.    Press “MENU” on your remote control and on screen navigate to “SETTINGS” 2.    Select “PREFERENCES” 3.    Select “HARD

RTE Access Services: We endeavor to make our content accessible to as many users as possible. Closed Caption Subtitles are available on most of the content broadcast on RTÉ One and RTÉ2, and many of our Box Sets and exclusive series. You can enable captions by default in your preferences if you’re