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Using Assistive Technology to Empower Students with Disabilities:

Implementing assistive technologies in the classroom gives students of all abilities a voice in their education. by Micah Castelo Twitte Micah Castelo is a web editor for EdTech: Focus on K-12. Her experience includes education and community news coverage for the Syracuse Post-Standard and international news reporting for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. 

Social Welfare Payments and the Student Grant

If you are returning to education and have been getting a social welfare payment you may qualify for the Back to Education Allowance or the student grant depending on your circumstances. You cannot get the Back to Education Allowance (BTEA) and a full student grant at the same time. If

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI)

Welcome to the SUSI website where you can find information on making a student grant application. Before applying for your grant, we would encourage you to review the eligibility criteria by selecting your student type based on whether you are PLC, Undergraduate, Postgraduate or Studying Outside the State. You can also use our Eligibility Reckoner where you can quickly

Student Assistance Fund:

The Student Assistance Fund provides financial support to full or part-time students who are experiencing financial difficulties while attending college. Students can apply for the Student Assistance Fund to help with either temporary or ongoing financial difficulties. The Student Assistance Fund is designed to provide a source of financial support

Programme for Access to Higher Education:

The Programme for Access to Higher Education (PATH) is a dedicated fund, broken into three strands, committed to increasing participation by under-represented groups in higher education. The fund, valued at €16.5 million, was established by the Department of Education and Skills in 2017 as a commitment to support the National Plan

Extra Time Could Make Huge Difference For Students With Disabilities: Third-level students with certain disabilities say they should not have to suffer financial penalties if they need extra time to complete a college course, and have called on the Government to facilitate them. Currently students who do not complete 60 credits each year are deemed part-time and lose the SUSI

What Supports Might Help You To Get Into College? Supports Available For Disadvantaged Students: Access Programmes are used to assist school-leavers who have experienced disadvantages throughout their post-primary education. These programmes can support eligible applicants to gain access to courses in Higher Education on a reduced points entry basis. There are two main Access Programmes that run in

Higher Education Opportunities for Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Ireland: A National Response Given the context that people with intellectual disabilities face significant barriers and limited postsecondary opportunities, a number of initiatives in Ireland and internationally have been established with the aim of addressing issues explicitly affecting this specific cohort of students. We begin by explaining the rationale for developing specific educational/employment

My Little Story: A Journey of Sight Loss and Education My name is Claire shorten, I am 28 and I live in South Dublin. When I was 20 years old I was attending Maynooth University in September 2010, studying a BA degree in Geography and Economics, hoping to eventually become a teacher. Unfortunately, my attendance at Maynooth University was