Tablet Device Accessibility

How do I Set up Subtitles on my Horizon Box? Whether you want to watch something without sound, are in a room where the speakers will be drowned out, or just a little behind on your French, turning the subtitles on is facile. 1.    Press “MENU” on your remote control and on screen navigate to “SETTINGS” 2.    Select “PREFERENCES” 3.    Select “HARD

RTE Access Services: We endeavor to make our content accessible to as many users as possible. Closed Caption Subtitles are available on most of the content broadcast on RTÉ One and RTÉ2, and many of our Box Sets and exclusive series. You can enable captions by default in your preferences if you’re

Apps for People with Disabilities and Older People:

Smartphones and tablet PCs have revolutionised mobile technology and the way we communicate today. They have also transformed the Assistive Technology (AT) market for people with disabilities. These mainstream devices provide people with mini-computers they can use ‘on the go’ and they are much more affordable than many dedicated AT

Mounting a Tablet

Mounting a Tablet: Mounting your tablet on a suitable mount can make it become easier to see and access, especially for individuals with mobility difficulties. Pinterest 79 best Mounting Options

Apple Products Accessibility

Apple Products Accessibility: The Apple Website Category arranges the products into three categories: Vision Physical & Motor Skills Learning & Literacy The Website also lets you know what tools are Ipad and Ipod compatibility. The Website also lets you know what tools are Ipad and Ipod compatibility Apple Accessibility Tools

Apple Accessibility Help

Apple Accessibility: Technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone: Categories: Vision Hearing Physical and Motor Skills Learning and Literacy Website: Apple Phone Accessibility- All Explained Here

Android Accessibility Help

Android accessibility overview: You can customize your Android device using accessibility settings and apps. Android Accessibility Overview