Special Needs Toys, Books & Equipment

NCBI – Book Library:

Our library is the national library for people who are blind or vision impaired and was first established in 1858. We promote independence through literacy and offer a wide range of books in alternative formats and hold more than 18,000 accessible titles.  We have a wide range of fiction and

Thinking Toys:

https://thinkingtoys.ie/ We established our business, Thinking Toys, with the hope of increasing the awareness of a range of products that can bring specific benefit to children with special needs or learning difficulties. It is a family business inspired by our eldest child, who has Sturge Weber Syndrome and who had

NDA Accessibility Toolkit

Accessibility Toolkit: This accessibility toolkit will help you to make your services, buildings, information, and websites more accessible to customers with disabilities. Watch a 17-minute presentation about the Accessibility Toolkit. https://youtu.be/3BhCjb1O6Ng