Public Transport

Luas Accessibility:

Transport is essential to enable people with disabilities to participate in normal activities of daily life, eg. work, education, leisure and social activities. Luas is a state-of-the-art Light Rail Transit System that provides an accessible, attractive, and unique mode of public transport in Dublin. At Luas, our aim is to


Vantastic is a Not for Profit Irish Charity that offers accessible transport services to people with disabilities, citizens (65+) with mobility impairments and not for profit groups. The Vantastic services originated from the total lack of accessible transport in the early 1990’s and the efforts made by the Centre for

WHEELCHAIR USERS GUIDE TO AIR TRAVEL: Before I took my first flight as a wheelchair user, I spent hours searching the internet for answers to all of my questions – with little success. One of the main reasons I started this blog was to put all of those answers online, so that they would be

Disability and Mobility Assistance: British Airways What assistance is available? Find out what kinds of assistance we can provide.What assistance is available? How to request assistance How to arrange the help you need and plan for your upcoming trip.How to request assistance Travelling with an assistance dog Find out what the assistance dog requirements are

Special Assistance: RyanAir What is a “Fit to Fly Form”? Can I bring a guide/assistance dog on a Ryanair flight? Medical Personal Devices (MPD) Can I carry Lithium ion batteries in the aircraft cabin? Customers required to travel with an accompanying passenger Can I travel if I have a minor infectious disease/skin

Disability Assistance: Aer Lingus We’re here to make your flying experience as comfortable as possible. Send us a special assistance request at the time of booking or no later than 48 hours before departure, and we’ll pull out all the stops to make them happen for you. Please arrive at the airport at least two

Taxi Accessibility

Types of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles There are two types – Taxis and Hackneys. Taxis and Wheelchair Accessible Taxis: Taxis and wheelchair accessible taxis are public hire vehicles. Their licence and licensing requirements allow them to stand for hire at a rank (taxi ranks at airports, train and bus stations) and

Free Travel

Free Travel: Everyone aged 66 and over, legally resident and living permanently in the State, is entitled to the Free Travel Scheme. Some people under 66 also qualify. If you qualify for free travel, you are issued with a card that you must carry with you when using public transport.

Ferries & Ferry Ports

Ferries & Ferry Ports: Ferry companies operating to and from Ireland use ships which are accessible to people with mobility difficulties. If you need help with boarding and disembarking you should give the ferry company as much notice as possible so that they can make arrangements (this may mean boarding

Accessible Transport

Links to Accessibility information on Transport Operators websites: Dublin Bus Irish Rail Bus Eireann Luas Dublin Bus: At Dublin Bus we want to provide a friendly, efficient and safe service to all our customers.  Some of our customers have a disability, which is sometimes not visible, so they need our