Odeon- Blind and Partially Sighted Guests

We are committed to providing accessible screenings for our guests who are blind or are partially sighted. Certain films are provided with a separate Audio Description dialogue track where the action, scene changes and the actors’ body language is described in addition to the dialogue. If this separate track is available and provided to the cinema, all of our screens are capable of playing this extra commentary through a lightweight headset which is available at the cinema Box Office.

To find out if a performance is available with Audio Description, simply select the “Audio Described” filter when viewing the performances at your cinema. In addition, Guide Dogs are welcome at all of our cinemas.

In addition, where a film is showing in 3D, we will always endeavor to ensure that a 2D version of the film is available at some time during the day for those guests who cannot enjoy the additional benefits of 3D films due to sight issues.

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