Logitech Unveils an Affordable Button Kit for the Xbox Adaptive Controller:

Technology companies have been making more of an effort to include gamers with disabilities in their design recently, especially with the popularity of Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller for Xbox One and PC. Now, Logitech is pushing the adaptive design one step further by producing an add-on for the controller to meet more accessibility requirements.

Logitech G’s Adaptive Gaming Kit takes advantage of the Xbox Adaptive Controller‘s many input ports to provide more options for gamers to personalize their setup. The kit consists of large buttons and triggers which can be linked to the adaptive controller in a wide variety of configurations.


The exact contents of the kit are three small buttons and three large buttons with mechanical switches, four light touch buttons, two variable trigger controls, configurable game mats, custom labels and velcro ties.

Logitech describes the kit as using “gaming-grade components for performance and durability,” and the company says it hopes it extends the impact of the original adaptive controller for a broad audience of needs.

Microsoft does sell its own range of buttons for the adaptive controller, but these are rather expensive. Logitech’s kit is designed to be more affordable, and it will go on sale for a suggested retail price of $99.99. It will be available through LogitechG.com and select Microsoft retail stores beginning this month.

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