Parents may never before have met a person who is blind or has a significant sight loss, and never have known of another child like their own. They can be beset by all kinds of worries and questions: How will my child learn? Will she have friends? Will he be happy? Where will she go to school? What can I say to him? Will I be able to cope? Who will tell me what to do? How will I know what she needs? How will I know if I am doing the right thing?

With visual impairment, advice will be needed on medical issues, on education, on social opportunities, and on the practicalities of daily life. However, for most parents, one of the most important sources of support is not the professionals, but other parents.

No one can do this more effectively or more convincingly than the person who has been down this road already: another parent. The parents of FEACH have recognised the importance of this role, and have been making strenuous efforts over the past number of years to make sure that this parent-led support is available to any new parents who are experiencing visual impairment for the first time.

FEACH members do not push people into individual contacts for which they are not ready; instead, they offer the support of a group of ready, sympathetic and knowledgeable peers, who are uniquely qualified to understand the experience the person is going through.

We have a Feach Facebook Group page, which is a closed group and allows discussion and sharing amongst each other in a private environment,

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