Informing Families

Welcome to the Informing Families web site. I really mean “welcome”. We have set up this website to give you information that will help and that is practical, supportive and useful.  Your child may have been diagnosed with a disability or additional needs, you may be waiting for a diagnosis, or you may be worried that your child has a disability. If so, this website will help to support and inform you. It has been carefully developed by parents and professionals.

Everyone is different

You must remember that each child is an individual and will have different experiences, even if they have the same condition as another child. I am the mother of four children, two of whom have disabilities. My daughter Julie has a physical disability and my son Diarmuid has an intellectual disability. They are both now adults, so take it from me you will cope and you will be happy again. It just takes some time to adjust to this new path ahead. I often wonder why I cried so much in those first few weeks. I now have many occasions to cry with happiness and pride in their achievements. Take one day at a time and gradually you will start to enjoy your baby, while meeting the extra needs that your son or daughter may have.

Take your time with the diagnosis

Everyone deals with the news of their child’s diagnosis differently. The timing of the diagnosis may also differ. It could come during pregnancy or after the birth of the baby, or in some cases months or years later. Whenever it happens, remember that there is lots of information out there. Sometimes this can feel like it is too much, so take your time with the information. We hope that you find this website helpful and are always glad to hear from you.

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