Our Mission:

CoAction West Cork provides quality services to support children and adults with an intellectual disability and /or autism. This is achieved by helping each service user reach their full potential, working in partnership with their families and carers within the community.

Our Vision:

We in CoAction recognise that the children and adults availing of our services and supports are unique individuals with abilities who belong in a world where people with a disability participate fully in all aspects of life as equal citizens.

Aims and Objectives: 

CoAction aims to support children and adults with an intellectual disability and/or autism in the West Cork area to achieve their full potential and live the life that they choose in their own community.   This aim is predicated on the core belief that people with a disability have the absolute right to live a valued, fulfilled life in their own community, with access to the supports that they require to establish and sustain an ‘ordinary life’.  
  • We aim to support people to live a full life as part of their local community by:
  • Promoting dignity and respect for the individual.
  • Providing quality services from the earliest possible opportunity, aimed at encouraging and supporting each child and adult to achieve their full potential.
  • Providing quality supports for families of children accessing CoAction Services.
  • Supporting adults to imagine and visualise a life for themselves in their own communities.
  • Empowering adults to take charge of their own lives, having personal autonomy and exercising their rights as equal citizens in their own community. 
  • Working with adults to access supports in their own families, natural support network and communities, supporting them to access mainstream facilities and resources as much as possible to realise the life of their choosing.
  • Providing supports for people, when necessary, to realise the life of their choosing.  This may include training, personal supports etc. and will vary for each individual and their family/circle of support at different stages in life.  
  • Supporting staff to provide truly person directed supports for individuals.
  • Working with local communities to encourage and support participation for people with a disability in ‘ordinary places’.
  • Making the best use of our resources for the benefit of the people whom we support, in an environment of openness and accountability.
  • Raising awareness of intellectual disability and autism within the community.

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