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Connect Hearing, A Local Hearing Healthcare Brand You Can Trust

Connect Hearing LogoAt Connect Hearing we pride ourselves on being an Irish owned independent hearing healthcare company who have grown very well over the last few years. Starting out with clinics across the border region and Donegal we now have permanent hearing aid centres in Dublin, Ardee and Letterkenny. We also service a network of clinics across Ireland. Although we have become a larger company, our ongoing relationships with local associated medical professionals and our network of outlets in local areas across Ireland means that we have retained the ethos and ideals of a local business. We deliver a host of hearing healthcare services and digital hearing aids to the public through a network of outlets across Ireland local to them.

Hearing Healthcare You Can Trust

At Connect Hearing Services, we guarantee you’ll get the professional, expert hearing healthcare service that you need. Our mission is to provide you with the latest hearing aid solutions combined with warm, caring customer service. We only offer the latest, brand name hearing aids available from the very top manufacturers in the world. We do this so you know exactly what you are getting and can compare more easily. We believe that this  is what is the best for both us and you. You can rest assured that when we recommend a hearing aid system, you are being recommended the very best available. These are just a few of the great reasons why our clients keep coming back.

Hearing Aids For Even The Toughest Hearing Losses

independent hearing healthcare adviceWe specialise in finding solutions for even the very toughest hearing losses. We keep ourselves informed of latest hearing aid innovations and wireless breakthroughs and ensure that we offer them through our outlets. we have years of experience providing the most up-to-date diagnostic testing, hearing evaluation, and hearing aid technology services.

With You Until We Get It Right

At Connect Hearing Services, we take pride in providing an outcomes-based practise. This means we’ll give you as many follow-up visits as it takes to make sure you’re fully comfortable and satisfied with your hearing aids. 

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