St Patrick’s Centre (Kilkenny):

St Patrick’s Centre, Kilkenny is located on the Kells Road (approximately 1 mile from Kilkenny town centre) and is situated in a 19.9 acre site. It was opened in 1966 by the Sisters of Charity to provide residential services for 25 children with intellectual disabilities within a regional catchment. The main building is situated at the end of a long avenue and is now surrounded by a number of additional structures which were added as the service developed. The service was initially delivered from a large imposing main building (previously an Orphanage) in dormitory style accommodation; however as the service grew and the needs of the children changed it necessitated the development of ground floor accommodation.  In January 2018 the Sisters of Charity vacated the premises and the Convent building has been handed over to SOS.

Services off site

Last year (2017) St. Patrick’s Centre, Kilkenny experienced great changes with a total of 8 new houses in the Community; these premises facilitate groupings from 1 to 4  people supported.  To date we have a total of 10 houses and 1 apartment in the Community and our aim is to ensure by the end of 2018, that all of the people we support are living in the Community.

These premises are located in the City and around the surrounding areas of Kilkenny.

Central Management

Central Management incorporates the office of CEO and all of the functions of any large organisation Human Resources, Finance, Quality and Risk Co-ordination. The CEO manages and co-ordinates the overall administration to ensure the effective direction, management and operation of the Service.

Changing Status

St Patrick’s Centre , Kilkenny (SPC), promoted by the Sisters, was incorporated in 2000. It is a designated activity company with two (02) issued shares, currently held by the promoters of the company, The Sisters of Charity.

The original convent and care facilities with a total site area of approximately nineteen (c19) acres was transferred by the Sisters to SPC. The special school continued to be held by the Sisters, as was the new convent, built on the site and the approximately sixty (c60) acres of surrounding agricultural land. From 2001 onwards, the Sisters withdrew from operating St Patrick’s Centre, Kilkenny and responsibility was assumed by SPC under its board of directors, whose chairman was a nominee of the Sisters. The Sisters retained ownership of SPC via their shareholding. The campus continued to be run as a residential care facility for adults and children with severe disabilities.

The company is funded entirely by the Department of Health & Children, through the Health Service Executive (HSE) under s.38 of the Health Act, and consequently is described as a s.38 (Section 38) company. It has a total annual budget of approximately nineteen million (c19m) euros and employs approximately three hundred and ten (310) whole time equivalent (WTE) persons.




Ø  Convent established

Ø  Orphanage / Industrial School opened


Ø  Orphanage / Industrial School closed

Ø  Care of people with intellectual disabilities commenced


Ø  Large ground floor accommodation built on site.

Ø  Sports Hall & Swimming Pool built.

Ø  State Special School (under patronage of Sisters opened)


Ø  St Patrick’s Centre (Kilkenny) Ltd (SPC) incorporated


Ø  HSE National Programme “Time to Move on from Congregated Settings – A Strategy for Community Inclusion”


Ø  HIQA closure of Our Lady’s Centre and transfer of responsibility to HSE


Ø  De-congregation commenced


On-Site Accommodation

As mentioned above, St Patrick’s Centre, Kilkenny (SPC) is based on approximately nineteen (c19) acres, wholly owned campus, situated off the Kells Road, Kilkenny, which consists of an old convent building used to accommodate administration personnel. There is also a number of satellite homes where those remaining in institutional care, reside as their permanent homes. There is a number of ancillary buildings also including Swimming Pool, Sports Hall, Maintenance, Storage and other buildings.


The Mission Statement of St Patrick’s Centre, Kilkenny (SPC) is ‘To enable people to live a good life, in their own home, with supports and opportunities to become active, valued and inclusive members of their local communities.  To enable a supported self-directed living (SSDL) model of provision which is underpinned by our beliefs, values and mission’

Strategic Direction

In line with the 2011 national policy, “Time to Move on from Congregated Settings – A Strategy for Community Inclusion” and as one of ten (10) sites, identified nationally for accelerated de-congregation, the entire SPC company is moving off the institutional campus.

This change programme will see all people supported by SPC, rehoused to individual homes in local communities, and the administration functions of the Company relocate to bespoke office accommodation.

People Supported

St Patrick’s Centre, Kilkenny (SPC) supports people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities. There are currently eighty-one (80) adult persons as full-time residents, four (04) remaining children in residence and awaiting transitioning, and six (06) persons availing of services on a daily basis.

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