UCD Disability Support:

All students with a disability or significant ongoing illness in UCD have the opportunity to receive relevant reasonable accommodations or supports. These supports may include academic supports such as awareness supports for your lecturers and/or exam supports such as extra time for exams (10 minutes per hour). To receive these supports students are invited to complete a short meeting called Needs Assessment with UCD Access & Lifelong Learning.

Each year you are registered as a UCD Student your disability supports will roll over, there is no need to have another Needs Assessment meeting each year. However, if you are returning from a Leave of Absence or a break in your studies between degrees, please contact our team to check your supports have rolled over to the new academic year.

If you have had a Needs Assessment and wish to review your supports, you can do so at any time by meeting with a member of the team.

To make an appointment for a Needs Assessment, to roll over supports or to review supports please email your team on disability@ucd.ie. 

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