St. Aidans Special Needs Education:

The SEN team co-ordinates the provision of teaching supports for children with special educational needs using the Department of Education & Skills Allocation model (2017)

Our team includes staff trained in learning support and a support teacher for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. We are also supported by three Special Needs Assistants (SNAs).

We work closely with the School Completion Programme and maintain strong links with our primary feeder schools. We also work with UCC’s Outreach Programme for Assistive Technology.

To ensure an inclusive experience for students, our team has for several years provided in-class support for students through Team-Teaching. Teachers also work with individual children and/or small groups of children who may require additional support to help them participate fully in school.

We aim to optimise the teaching and learning process in order to enable pupils with learning difficulties to achieve adequate levels of proficiency to prepare them for life in literacy, numeracy and social skills and to allow them to discover and extend their strengths.

Supports in relation to SEN through National Council for Special Education (NCSE):

  • Special Education Support Service
  • Special Education Needs Organiser (SENO)
  • Visiting teachers for visual impairment or deaf/hard of hearing
  • National Behaviour Support Service

National Educational Psychological Services (NEPS) also provide support to schools through a continuum based assessment and intervention model.

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