Enable Ireland

Enable Ireland: Enable Ireland provides free services to children and adults with disabilities and their families from over 40 locations in 14 counties. Covering childhood to adulthood our expert teams work with the individual and their family on a plan for each life stage. Website: Enable Ireland Enable Ireland Head Office

Dyslexia Association of Ireland

Dyslexia Association of Ireland: What does the Dyslexia Association of Ireland do? An Information Service is run from our national office – post, phone, email, website and in person. Information on local services is also provided by volunteers through our network of nationwide branches. An Assessment Service is run in our national office. We have

Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services

Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services: The Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services provides supports to persons with an intellectual disability in the Dublin, Limerick and North Tipperary/Offaly areas.  Each area is funded separately by the Health Service Executive (HSE) and operates autonomously in the daily delivery of services.  The

Citizens Information

Citizens Information: This is the Irish eGovernment website developed by Comhairle which provides information on the social and civil rights of everyone in Ireland. Citizens Information Website Citizens Information Phone Service: Citizens Information Phone Service (CIPS) is a nationwide service that can be reached on 0761 07 4000, Monday to

Central Remedial Clinic

Central Remedial Clinic: We are one of the largest organisations in Ireland dedicated to the achievements, well being and health of people with physical disabilities. Website: Central Remedial Clinic Website Contacts: Main Switch: +353 1 854 2200 CRC Waterford reception: +353 51 301 050 CRC Limerick telephone: +353 61 309 144 CRC Limerick fax:+353 61

Irish Society for Autism

Autism Ireland: Autism Ireland was formed in 2001 to bring positive change into the lives of those affected by autism. The range of services which Autism Ireland provides include raising awareness, information on education & intervention support, advocacy, counselling, home based support, research information and advice for families. Website: Autism Ireland aims to provide a one-stop-shop for the Autism community in Ireland. From providing the public and those with the condition a portal of information about Autism, to providing a platform for people affected by Autism to share their stories and views, to providing a strong voice for the

Arthritis Ireland

Arthritis Ireland: At Arthritis Ireland, our vision is of a future free from arthritis. Until that is achieved, we are here to help people take control of their disease while we invest in research to find new treatments and, ultimately, a cure. Our work towards a future free from arthritis