Carers Payments

NCBI: Government Entitlements:

Government Entitlements Here you will find information on what Government benefits and allowances both adults and children who are blind or vision impaired may be entitled to. Select categories hereAdultChildrenFAQCase StudiesGovernment Entitlements Booklet  Entitlements for Adults Confirmation of vision impairment If your best corrected vision is 6 / 60 or

Additional Expenses for a Kidney Patient

Kidney patients can claim relief, in addition to normal health expenses. Hospital dialysis patients If you regularly travel for dialysis treatment, you can claim relief on the cost of travelling to and from the hospital. There is no limit on the number of journeys you can claim for. Travel by

Checklist when Appealing a Social Welfare Decision

If you are unhappy with a decision of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) you can make an appeal. Depending on the type of payment, you appeal either to the Social Welfare Appeals Office or the DEASP. There are a number of stages involved in the appeal

Urgent Needs Payments

Urgent Needs Payments are payments under the Supplementary Welfare Allowance Scheme. You do not have to meet the habitual residence condition to qualify for an urgent needs payment. COVID-19 (coronavirus) If your employment (or self-employment) has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, or if you are sick or caring for someone who

Payments to Carers

Carers may be entitled to a number of supports from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. If you are caring for someone, a disabled child or adult or an older person, you may qualify for a carer’s payment. The two main social welfare payments for carers providing full-time

GP Services to Medical Card Holders

General Practitioners (GPs) provide services to medical card holders free of charge. GPs in the General Medical Services (GMS) Scheme enter into contracts with the Health Service Executive (HSE) to provide services. Patients may generally choose their doctor from a panel of doctors who are part of the scheme, provided

Medical Card Means Test: Aged Under 70: To qualify for a medical card your weekly income must be below a certain figure for your family size. Here we explain the means test for those who are aged under 70. See also other information about the medical card and how to apply. There are different means test rules for

Guide Dog Allowance

Guide Dog Allowance: Guide Dog Allowance If you are blind or visually impaired, you can claim a tax credit if you own a trained guide dog. You can also claim the Blind Person’s Tax Credit. The Guide Dog Allowance is an annual allowance of €825 at the standard rate (equal to a credit

Long-Stay Contribution

Long-Stay Contribution: If your accommodation or your daily living costs are provided by the Health Service Executive (HSE), or by another provider on behalf of the HSE, you may pay a Long-Stay Contribution towards these costs. From 1 January 2017, long-stay charges are replaced by Long-Stay Contributions. Where long-stay charges