College/University Education

The Open Learning Centre Cavan Institute:

Hello and welcome to the Open Learning Centre (OLC). The Open Learning Centre is the Special Educational Needs/Disability Support Service  in Cavan Institute. You will find us on the Ground floor in Block B, Room B004. Email Download the Student Support Form We are committed to providing the best possible learning

Visual Impairment/ Blind Assistive Technologies:

Visual Impairment/ Blind Assistive Technologies Choosing the right kind of assistive technology can transform the abilities of visually impaired people to perform everyday computing tasks like: reading documents producing letters and reports sending and receiving emails browsing the web communicating through social media working with spreadsheets and data entry Becoming

Assistive Technology Trinity College Dublin:

Assistive Technology (AT), provides helpful information and support about how you can make use of technology and adapt it to your study needs. Assistive Technology is defined as “any use of technology that helps you perform a task more easily”. Assistive Technology is a broad field, ranging from the use

IT Carlow Assistive Technology:

Assistive Technology refers to IT resources, both software and hardware, that enables students with disability to become digitally literate, thus supporting them in their participation in the college and allowing them equal opportunities to achieve their educational goals and gain independence. Students with disabilities, registered with Student Services, may be

Assistive Technology Queens University Belfast:

Assistive Technology is hardware and software, which has been designed to improve the ability of the user to access computers or study more independently. The University provides some forms of assistive hardware and software in its Student Computing Centres to support accessibility. These are detailed below. In addition, Students with

Assistive Technology Maynooth:

What is Assistive/ Educational Technology? Increasingly, technology plays a central part in teaching and learning at Maynooth University for all students. However, some technology helps with the difficulties you may have as a result of a learning difficulty or disability. This technology is usually referred to as ‘assistive technology’. The

Assistive Technology Dublin College University:

Technology plays a fundamental part in teaching and learning here at DCU for all students.   Assistive Technology can help support students with disabilities overcome challenges like note-taking, reading and examinations.   Assistive Technology allows students with disabilities to perform tasks they might otherwise be unable to complete.  Accessing Assistive

Assistive Technology University College Dublin:

Assistive Technology (AT) is a range of tools that make learning more accessible. This includes, for example, software that helps with spelling and grammar, digital pens for recordings lectures, adapted tools for those with visual or hearing impairments, and alternative inputs for students with mobility issues. UCD Access and Lifelong

Assisitve Technology Cork Institute Technology:

Assistive Technology is any piece of software or equipment that helps a student to become a more independent learner and supports the student in achieving their full potential.  ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY SERVICE (ATS) The DSS has its own dedicated Assistive Technology Service for our students. It includes a full time Assistive

Assistive Technology University of Limerick:

Assistive Technology is defined as any item that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Assistive technology is any sort of aid, including computers, switches, calculators, spelling devices, communication devices and voice synthesizers, which is used to help an individual perform some task of