OC Cars:

OC Cars & Mobility Ltd are an Independent Motor Dealer located in Dublin who sell new and used cars as well as a large selection of Wheelchair Accessible Cars and Vehicles. We have over thirty years’ experience in the motor Industry. We are located at Unit 1, Harris Park, Swords Road,

Drivers or Passengers with a Disability:

If you need to modify your automobile to use it, you may be entitled to tax relief.  Value-Added Tax (VAT) refunds for drivers or passengers with disabilities is explained in more detail in the VAT section. See Scheme for persons with disabilities for more information on Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT). Drivers or Passengrs with

How to Reclaim VAT on Vehicles for Persons with Disabilities

alue-Added Tax (VAT) may be reclaimed in relation to adapted vehicles under the Drivers and Passengers with Disabilities Scheme. The scheme can be claimed by: persons with a severe and permanent disability who are holders of primary medical certificates as drivers or passengers organisations for the transport of persons with a severe and

Toll Exemptions for Disabled Drivers

Disabled people with vehicles specially adapted for disabled persons are exempt from tolls on each toll road in the state Disabled Persons and Tolls We can confirm a new Disability Modified Vehicle Exemption Scheme will be launching in February 2020 in order to centralise exemption across all Toll roads within

Vehicle Adaptions for Persons with Reduced Mobility:

https://www.nsai.ie/certification/automotive/national-type-approva/vehicle-adaption-for-disabled-person/ Since the 29th of April 2012 a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is required to be type approved. This legal requirement comes directly from the European Framework for the type approval of motor vehicles, Directive 2007/46/EC.  NSAI, the Irish Type Approval Authority has since been issuing IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval)

Southern Mobility Driving Assessments:

https://www.southernmobility.ie/html/assessments.html Driving represents independence, integrity and confidence. It also provides a means to access necessary services, social interaction with family, friends and community. Maintaining mobility through driving, is important for quality of life. However, we all need to be proactive with regard to our driving and road safety.  For anyone

Southern Mobility Adapted Vehicle Sales:

https://www.southernmobility.ie/html/vehicle_hire.html The following is a list of adapted vehicle sales and hire. If your company provides an adapted vehicle sale or hire service, and is not listed below, please feel free to contact us and have your details included.. ARMAGH Mc. Elmeel Mobility Services15 Ballycandle Road, Armagh Bt61 8BLPhone 048

Southern Mobility Driving Courses/Training Programmes:

https://www.southernmobility.ie/html/courses.html Driving is a complex task that requires a person to simultaneously interact with the vehicle controls and environment. The task requires: VisionPhysical mobility and strengthPerceptual judgment of spaceCoordination and sequencingAttention and concentrationMemoryReaction timePlanning & decision makingMultitasking To combine all these skills and demonstrate a competent standard, confidence is imperative. Confidence is

Fuel Service: Simple, Easy Refueling for Disabled Drivers

https://fuelservice.org/ie/index.html What’s the Problem? Filling up the car is one of the biggest challenges for disabled drivers. But its also a challenge for petrol stations to help, sometimes they have people available, but sometimes they are single manned and can’t help for security reasons. For the disabled driver they don’t know which station can