Specialized Seating: Central Remedial Clinic

Specialized Seating: Specialized Seating Central Remedial Clinic In specialized seating, our aim is to increase your independence, comfort, health and quality of life. We do this by providing correct seating for you. Correct seating will: Enhance your breathing and digestion Improve your posture and comfort Improve your skin health Increase

Ottobock: Prostheses & Orthotics

Ottobock: Prostheses: The challenges brought about by limb loss are not just about your ability to walk.The effects are far-reaching, from changing how you manage your workplace, how you think about travel, even your hobbies and how you choose to exercise. For nearly a century Ottobock has created products driven

Assistance Dogs Northern Ireland

Assistance Dogs Northern Ireland: ADNI hopes to fulfill the need for more Assistance Dogs and training options for disabled people within Northern Ireland. ADNI believes that there is a gap in the provision of Assistance Dogs for these people within Northern Ireland, and hopes to help as many people as

Tax Back on Guide Dogs

Tax back on Guide Dog: If you are blind or visually impaired, you can claim a tax credit if you own a trained guide dog. You can also claim the Blind Tax Credit. The Guide Dog Allowance is an allowance of €825 per year. Use myAccount to claim the Guide Dog Allowance. Assistance dogs provided

Shopmobility Ireland (Shopping Center)

Shopmobility Ireland: Shopmobility is a scheme which lends manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and powered scooters to members of the public with limited mobility to shop and to visit leisure and commercial facilities within a town, city or shopping centre. The concept of Shopmobility is for anyone, young or old,

Mobility Training for people with Visual Impairments

Mobility training for people with visual impairments: Orientation and mobility training is of crucial importance to many people with vision impairments. Mobility training helps to develop skills required to move around safely in the environment. Some people with vision impairments have enough residual vision to move around independently. Other people

Dogs for the Disabled

Dogs for the Disabled: Dogs for the Disabled dogs are specially trained to assist physically disabled children and adults to carry out a range of practical tasks and to provide stability when needed. Each dog is trained to cater for the needs of their specific partner to enable them

Autism Assistance Dogs

Autism Assistance Dogs: We are a national charity set up to transform the lives of children with autism and their families, by providing highly trained ‘task specific’ assistance dogs to children with autism to support them to overcome the sometimes distressing elements of this invisible disability. We are dedicated to raising awareness

Mobility Aids Grant Scheme

Mobility Aids Grant Scheme: The Mobility Aids Grant Scheme provides grants for works designed to address mobility problems in the home, such as the purchase and installation of grab-rails, a level access shower, access ramps or a stair-lift. The scheme is primarily for older people, but people with a disability

Visiting Teacher Service

Visiting Teacher Service: The Inclusion Support Service (which is part of the National Council of Special Education) operates Visiting Teacher Service (pdf) for deaf or hard-of-hearing children and children with visual impairments. Specially trained teachers provide the service. Visiting teachers aim to be a support to both the parents or guardian and