Adapted Home/School Furniture

Suppliers of Special Needs Technology:

h Listed below is just some of the suppliers of special needs or assistive technology available in Ireland. Assistive technology refers to any product that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities or older people. Assistive technology is a very broad term and can include the

Suppliers of Footwear Products: This document provides details of some companies that fit and sell specialised footwear in Ireland. It may be helpful for people with diabetes or arthritis or people who have swollen, sensitive or odd-sized feet. The list below is not exhaustive but provides details of the companies Assist Ireland is

Suppliers of Adapted Clothing: Listed below is just some of the suppliers of adapted clothing for people with disabilities and older people in Ireland. Adapted clothing is designed to make dressing and undressing easier. A garment may have a back opening, a side zip, easy to pull tags, soft pop fasteners, or use

Suppliers of Walk-In Baths, Adjustable-Height Baths and Easy-Access Shower Solutions:,_adjustable-height_baths_and_easy-access_shower_solutions.html Listed below are just some of the suppliers of walk-in baths, adjustable-height baths, and level-access showers for people with disabilities and older people in Ireland. This list is by no means exhaustive and just intended as a guide to the many suppliers and sources of products available. Bathroom Adaptations

Equipment to Get Up and Down Stairs:

h Once it has become difficult or impossible for someone to get up and down the stairs, there are a number of options you could consider: living downstairs, moving to a bungalow or ground floor flat, or installing a domestic lift. The first option may not be practical because although

Grab Rails:

The aim of this Information Sheet is to provide information on the types of grab rails available to help with specific difficulties, and details about their useful features and positioning. Although primarily used in the bathroom and toilet, grab rails can be positioned anywhere in and around the home to

Suppliers of Dementia Care Products:

= This document provides the details of some suppliers that have a range of dementia care products to assist and support someone living with dementia. There is a huge range of products available today such as home safety devices, or games and activities, memory and orientation aids. There is also

Chairs and Chair Accessories:

If you spend many hours in a sitting position it is vital you have a chair that is tailored to meet your individual needs especially if you wish to maintain comfort and independence. Your size, degree of mobility and any existing pain are examples of some of the factors which

Equipment for Hearing Loss, Speech and Speech Replacement:

h The aim of this information sheet is to provide basic information on a range of communication products available that are designed to make life easier for people with disabilities and older people. It gives details about the main features to consider and it compares alternative equipment solutions. Equipment for