Health Services

The Speech Centre:

We are a team of Speech and Language Therapists, working in locations all around Ireland. Each clinic is run by a local Speech and Language Therapist, dedicated to that branch but in daily contact with the other clinics for support, professional development and clinical supervision. To find your nearest clinic, click here. We

Shine Centre for Autism:

The Irish Progressive Association for Autism (IPAA) is a Cork based Voluntary Organisation established in September 2001. Since its establishment IPAA/Shine has worked with hundreds of families across Cork city and county to secure assessments, therapies, services and appropriate education for their children. Since it’s formation Shine/IPAA has expanded with

The Sunflower Clinic:

The Sunflower Clinic was setup by Julie O’Sullivan in 2006, in order to deliver independent Occupational Therapy services for children in the Cork area.  As her client-base grew almost exclusively by word-of-mouth, it became apparent for the increasing need for independent Occupational Therapy services beyond Cork.  Clients were coming to

Clare Crusaders Clinic:

The Clare Crusaders Children’s Clinic is unique through a number of factors: We provide children with access to the services they require for free The Clinic is managed on a voluntary basis so all funds raised go directly to the children’s services We currently have the largest pool of child specific

Social Work for Children with Disabilities:

A social worker works with parents and others caring for a child with a disability. Social workers will often see you on your own. This is so you can speak freely without your child. Sometimes, social workers organise group sessions for parents of children with disabilities to meet each other

Dietitian Support for Children with a Disability:

Children and young people with a disability may experience problems with diet and nutrition. For example, some conditions may mean your child is more likely to be underweight or overweight. Dietitians need to work closely with the family and other members of the children’s disability team. This is essential for

Paediatric Care for Children with a Disability:

A paediatrician is a doctor that specialises in medical care for children and young people. They may work with other health and social care professionals and services to discuss the best plan for your child. For example, they may work with hospital services, mental health services, and other specialist medical

Occupational Therapy for Children with a Disability:

Occupational therapy offers help with practical, daily skills to encourage independence. What an occupational therapist does An occupational therapist (OT) will work with you as parent or carer, and teachers or other specialists. The OT will assess your child to see what they can do, and what they find difficult.

Psychology Support for Children with a Disability:

A psychologist may work with you and other members of the children’s disability team to assess and understand your child’s unique strengths and abilities. What a psychologist does A psychologist can assess your child’s learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties. The psychologist may assess your child’s progress in these areas: Learning,