Disability Parking Card

Disability Parking Card: Disabled Person’s Parking Permits or Cards (also known as European Parking Cards or Disabled Parking Badge) are available to people living in Ireland with certain disabilities and those who are registered blind, whether they are drivers or passengers. The parking card can be used by a disabled

Choosing The Correct Vehicle

Choosing the Correct Vehicle: Getting in and out of a vehicle It’s often said that modern cars are all the same. This is not true, and if you have a disability or are just getting less strong or flexible as you get older quite small differences in the shape and

Tax Relief for Drivers and Passengers with Disabilities

Tax relief for Drivers and Passengers with Disabilities: The Disabled Drivers and Disabled Passengers Scheme provides a range of tax reliefs linked to the purchase and use of specially constructed or adapted vehicles by drivers and passengers with a disability. The rules of the scheme are set out in the