World Federation of the Deafblind:

WFDB was established in 2001 and consists today of 75 national and associated member organizations from 62 different countries from all corners of the world. Relationships have been established with The World Blind Union (WBU), The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), Deafblind International (DbI) and The World Association of

Sight and Sound Technology:

Sight and Sound Technology is the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier and Master Distributor of hardware and software to the blind, visually impaired and those with learning and reading difficulties. Working in unison with private individuals, charitable organisations, educational establishments and commercial enterprises, we help our users fully realise their

Technology for Sight Loss:

If you have little or no vision, you may find it difficult or impossible to do things that so many people now take for granted. These include using the internet, booking flights, reading printed items such as books, magazines, newspapers or even mail that comes through the door. Technology can

Visual Impairment/ Blind Assistive Technologies:

Visual Impairment/ Blind Assistive Technologies Choosing the right kind of assistive technology can transform the abilities of visually impaired people to perform everyday computing tasks like: reading documents producing letters and reports sending and receiving emails browsing the web communicating through social media working with spreadsheets and data entry Becoming

How to Reclaim VAT on Radios for the Blind:

An institution or society with its primary object being the enrichment of blind persons, may reclaim Value-Added Tax (VAT) on the purchase or importation of radio sets which are intended for the use of blind persons. Applications for repayment must be submitted within four years from the end of the

Importation of Goods for the Blind:

You can import certain goods designed for the educational, scientific or cultural advancement of blind persons without payment of Customs Duty and Value-Added Tax (VAT). There is no relief from the payment of VAT for these goods when imported by individuals for their own use. There are rules about who can

Importation of Goods for People with Disabilities:

You can import goods specially designed for the education, employment or social advancement of people with physical or mental disabilities without payment of Customs Duty and Value-Added Tax (VAT). The goods must be imported by: people with disabilities for their own use to avail of relief from Customs Duty. VAT

Drivers or Passengers with a Disability:

If you need to modify your automobile to use it, you may be entitled to tax relief.  Value-Added Tax (VAT) refunds for drivers or passengers with disabilities is explained in more detail in the VAT section. See Scheme for persons with disabilities for more information on Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT). Drivers or Passengrs with

General Information for Persons with a Disability:

The following links provide information on tax credits, reliefs and exemptions for customers with a disability: Drivers and Passengers with Disabilities Scheme, including the Fuel Grant. See Scheme for persons with disabilities in the Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) section. Repayment of Value-Added Tax (VAT) paid on certain aids and appliances, including radios for