Thinking Jobs:

Thinking Jobs

  • Thinking Jobs is a Not for Profit specialist recruitment agency tasked specifically with getting a significant number of adults with Disabilities into sustainable and long term employment. .
  • We are not looking for Charity or for Sympathy. We are looking for the opportunity to deliver a very high quality commercial service to meet a real commercial need.
  • Provide Benefits to Employees through Increased Self Esteem, Mental Health & Independence.
  • Provide Benefits to the larger society and local communities in the short and long term.


  • The Irish Census 2016 showed:
    • That 66,611 people or 1.4% of the population suffered from an intellectual disability.
    • Only 29% of working age adults across all disabilities are in employment
    • Of 104,609 people with a disability at work, only 5,200 are people with an intellectual disability (5%).
  • Myth
    • Can’t Do the Job as Well
    • It would be great to offer a job if we could afford to
  • Facts
    • Can do the Job as well as, or better than an adult without a disability
    • Less Absenteeism
    • Better Staff Retention
    • Safer – follow process 100%
    • Intangible Feel Good Factor


  • Identify the barriers to employment, real or perceived, for both employees and employers.
  • Identify suitable Employees by developing a Skills Assessment mechanism which will determine relevant strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify Employers with real commercial jobs that are available which are suitable
  • Match the Capabilities of Employee to the Employers requirement.
  • Provide pre-employment training to Employee and Employer as well as reviewing adaptation needs, both physical and in work practices.
  • Provide on-going support for Employees & Employers by use of Job Mentors. This is a layer of support available to both parties that allows both parties to reach out for help and support immediately a problem arises and therefore prevent issues spiralling out of control.

Can it be Done – YES

  • Walgreens is the largest drug store chain in the US. Throughout their 20 distribution centres, up to 35% of their workforce have disabilities.
  • Thinking Toys have already very successfully run a trial for 2 adults.

Why Thinking Jobs

  • Emphasis on Intellectual Disability
  • Emphasis on Person Centred Approach
    • Thinking Jobs is focusing on Person Centred Approach which ensures the employees with intellectual disabilities have a direct involvement in their employment decisions.
    • Thinking Jobs will help support employment decisions and provide a happy employee and a quality service to employer.
  • Focus on Ability – Thinking Jobs focuses on the abilities of each person and not the disability.

What Next

  • Set up meetings with Randy Lewis and Walgreens in the US to be informed on their successful approach and determine a suitable manner of implementing in Ireland
  • Liaise with other service providers throughout Ireland who have successfully or unsuccessfully considered methodologies re employment of Adults with Disabilities
  • Identify a suitable corporate partner to run a Pilot Programme to show that there are real benefits for all parties in providing adults with disabilities with real, commercial jobs.

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