Day: May 8, 2019

Thinking Toys: We established our business, Thinking Toys, with the hope of increasing the awareness of a range of products that can bring specific benefit to children with special needs or learning difficulties. It is a family business inspired by our eldest child, who has Sturge Weber Syndrome and who had

Thinking Jobs:

Thinking Jobs Thinking Jobs is a Not for Profit specialist recruitment agency tasked specifically with getting a significant number of adults with Disabilities into sustainable and long term employment. .We are not looking for Charity or for Sympathy. We are looking for the opportunity to deliver a very high quality

Dόchas: (Hope for People with Autism) Provides support to parents and children with autism. Dóchas Midwest Autism Support is a registered charity (Charity No 13037) and provides information and support to children and adults with Autism and their parents and wider family members in the Mid-West region. We provide weekly social interaction clubs for children

Cork Association For Autism: The story of the Cork Association for Autism (CAA) begins back in the late 70’s when a group of families in the Cork region were left frustrated at the lack of information, knowledge and fundamental support services available to those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. These pioneering founding families came together in determination

Autism Northern Ireland: Autism NI is a parent led partnership organisation formed to promote positive collaboration between parents, professionals and individuals with Autism and address the need for appropriate services. This partnership ethos extends to the charities promotion of a multi disciplinary, cross agency response to issues such as assessment, diagnosis and

Special Assistance: RyanAir What is a “Fit to Fly Form”? Can I bring a guide/assistance dog on a Ryanair flight? Medical Personal Devices (MPD) Can I carry Lithium ion batteries in the aircraft cabin? Customers required to travel with an accompanying passenger Can I travel if I have a minor infectious disease/skin

Disability Assistance: Aer Lingus We’re here to make your flying experience as comfortable as possible. Send us a special assistance request at the time of booking or no later than 48 hours before departure, and we’ll pull out all the stops to make them happen for you. Please arrive at the airport at least two