Day: May 23, 2019

Suppliers of Ramps: What are wheelchair ramps? Wheelchair ramps come in a wide range of sizes and styles that offer different functionality. The main goal of a ramp is to allow wheelchairs, scooters, and people using crutches, walkers or canes to access buildings with a change in level. They also help with

Eating and Drinking Equipment:

h The aim of this Information Sheet is to provide information on eating and drinking difficulties, and give details of some of the more popular items of equipment that may provide solutions. Where to get help and advice Before making any decisions about buying equipment, or making alterations to your

Apps for People with Disabilities and Older People:

Smartphones and tablet PCs have revolutionised mobile technology and the way we communicate today. They have also transformed the Assistive Technology (AT) market for people with disabilities. These mainstream devices provide people with mini-computers they can use ‘on the go’ and they are much more affordable than many dedicated AT