Odeon Cinemas

Odeon- Restricted Mobility Guests

Odeon- Restricted mobility guests: If you require a wheelchair space, simply select the “Wheelchair Accessible” section, select the number and type of tickets you require then simply click on the seating plan in the wheelchair seating section. If you have any problems or simply want to ask a question, please

Odeon- Guests Requiring Assistance

Odeon- Guests Requiring Assistance: If you require a companion to facilitate your visit to the cinema, ODEON participates in a scheme where people with disabilities can obtain one free ticket for a person accompanying them to the cinema. No proof of disability is required. Additionally, if you have a UK

Odeon- Guests on the Autism Spectrum or with Sensory Difficulties

Odeon- Guests on the Autism Spectrum or with Sensory Difficulties: ODEON is aware that going to a standard performance of a film can be a challenge for guests on the autism spectrum or with sensory or learning disabilities. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and to promote greater social

Odeon- Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guests

Odeon – Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guests: Whenever a film is released with captions for the hard of hearing we do try to schedule it at our cinemas – captioned for hard of hearing performances are listed separately so you can choose these specific performances. To find a subtitled

Odeon- Blind and Partially Sighted Guests

Odeon- Blind and Partially Sighted Guests: We are committed to providing accessible screenings for our guests who are blind or are partially sighted. Certain films are provided with a separate Audio Description dialogue track where the action, scene changes and the actors’ body language is described in addition to the