Day: May 31, 2019

How to Renew your Driving Licence: You are required to carry your driving licence with you at all times when driving. When your driving licence runs out, you must renew it if you want to continue driving. If your licence is lost, stolen or damaged, you can find out about replacing a lost, stolen or damaged

Applying for a Driving Licence: When you pass a driving test, you can apply for a driving licence for the category of vehicle which you were tested for. This document explains how to apply for your driving licence after you have passed a driving test. In other documents you will find information on: Renewing your driving licenceUpdating

How to Apply for a Learner Permit to Drive a Car: You must have at least a learner permit in order to drive a car in a public place. The learner permit must be for the appropriate category of vehicle and you must always have it with you when you are driving. This document explains how to apply for, or renew, a

Medical Card Means Test: Aged Under 70: To qualify for a medical card your weekly income must be below a certain figure for your family size. Here we explain the means test for those who are aged under 70. See also other information about the medical card and how to apply. There are different means test rules for