Is Ireland Ready for a ‘Total Inclusion’ Approach for Special Education? Last month the National Council for Special Education floated a bold idea: we should consider abolishing special schools and special classes and place all children in mainstream schools. regardless of their level of disability. The council says Ireland may be in breach of a UN convention by “segregating” up to 16,000 special pupils

Diagnosis Not Needed To Secure SNA Support For Children: Thousands of parents will no longer need to pay for a diagnosis of a disability in order to access special needs assistants (SNA) for their children under major changes to the €500 million scheme. The Department of Education is instead planning to automatically front-load 17,000 SNAs to schools in

‘Tippy Tappy’ Wheelchair Hurling’s best thing I’ve Done: You really have to see it to believe it. There is no pulling back just because someone is in a wheelchair. I remember one lad got taken to hospital for concussion because he got bashed against a wall. Another went through a fire escape because of the pace he

Special Education—70 Educational Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Everyone needs to be educated properly to find their way in this big world. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to be born completely healthy. There are people with special needs who want to be—and deserve to be—equal to everyone else. Even though the special education process (also referred to

Logitech Unveils an Affordable Button Kit for the Xbox Adaptive Controller: Technology companies have been making more of an effort to include gamers with disabilities in their design recently, especially with the popularity of Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller for Xbox One and PC. Now, Logitech is pushing the adaptive design one step further by producing an add-on for the controller to meet more accessibility requirements.

#AbleHour: Dublin 15 Disability Peer Support Group invites you along to the forum, every month, for tea, chat and networking, not just for friendship and fun but also to address accessibility and other issues for people with disabilities. Sometimes, however, maybe you can’t get to the venue (Blanchardstown Library) at

What Supports Might Help You To Get Into College? Supports Available For Disadvantaged Students: Access Programmes are used to assist school-leavers who have experienced disadvantages throughout their post-primary education. These programmes can support eligible applicants to gain access to courses in Higher Education on a reduced points entry basis. There are two main Access Programmes that run in